Walks and presentation in fruit garden of Norway

Apple in solid and liquid form

Walks and presentation in apple gardens in Hardanger. Here we get to hear about apple production - from apple flowers to finished product, the nobel apple cider.
Hardanger cider production in earlier days and now

Cider tasting and cider songs

Visit in the old cider celler in Hardanger
Tasting and singing
Cider stories and judgement of the best cider

Guiding and lunch in Agatunet

Guiding in the unique "lagmannstovo" from 12th century
Interesting presentation of the special environment at Aga, one of the countrie's best preserved villages.

Visit at Måge farm shop

"Måge gardsbutikk" sells fruit, berries, honey and other products produced at the farm. 

Overnight stay and 3-course dinner at Vasstun Gjestehus

Aperitif: Hardanger cider
Traditionally prepared food from Hardanger with apple on the menu and pleasant athmosphere in "Hardanger-way".

Transportation with boat or bus.